Research tasks

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Research Tasks

RT1 Development of advanced processes of HSM of almost unworkable aeronautical alloys.
  • Prof. Bogdan Kruszyński D.Sc- PŁ
RT2 Modelling, construction and control of the HSM process taking into consideration the configured machine-instrument-detail system.
  • Prof. Krzysztof Jemielniak D.Sc - PW
RT3 Development of the technology of effective design and production of cone gear using Gleason Phoenix system.
  • D.Sc Piotr Skawiński - PW
  • D.Sc Adam Marciniec - PRz
RT4 Development of a new, simpler and cheaper toothed gear in place of complicated and expensive planetary gears.
  • Prof. Piotr Kula D.Sc - PŁ
  • PhD Bogdan Kozik - PRz
RT5 Modern mechanical working of magnesium and aluminium alloys.
  • Prof. Józef Kuczmaszewski D.Sc- PL
RT6 Composite materials of increased strength and thermal resistance with the use of polymeric resins applied in aviation.
  • Prof. Zbigniew J. Florjańczyk D.Sc - PW
  • Prof. Henryk Galina D.Sc - PRz
RT7 Plastic forming of magnesium alloys (precision forging, stamping, extrusion and the like).
  • Prof. Eugeniusz Hadasik D.Sc - P¦
  • Prof. Romana E. ¦liwa D.Sc - PRz
RT8 Plastic forming of aerospace Al (including Al-Li) and Ti alloys.
  • Prof. Franciszek Grosman D.Sc - P¦
  • Prof. Romana E. ¦liwa D.Sc - PRz
RT9 Composite metallic materials in aviation applications (including Glare-type materials).
  • Prof. Barbara Surowska D.Sc - PL
  • Prof. Romana E. ¦liwa D.Sc - PRz
RT10 Modern barrier coatings on critical engine parts.
  • D.Sc Lucjan SwadĽba - P¦
  • D.Sc Ryszard Filip - PRz
RT11 Aerospace materials of advanced structure (monocrystal, directional crystallization).
  • Prof. Jan Cwajna D.Sc - P¦
  • D.Sc Krzysztof Kubiak - PRz
RT12 Precision casting of Ni alloys on critical parts of aircraft engines.
  • Prof. Jan Cwajna D.Sc - P¦
  • D.Sc Jan Krzysztof Kubiak - PRz
RT13 Development of the technology of remelting Nikel alloys with the use of nanopowder modifications.
  • Prof. Franciszek Binczyk D.Sc - P¦
  • D.Sc Krzysztof Kubiak - PRz
  • To 2012 - Prof. Józef Sleziona D.Sc - P¦
RT14 Smart embedded systems based on intelligent materials.
  • Prof. Jan Holnicki-Szulc D.Sc - IPPT PAN
  • Prof. Marek Orkisz D.Sc - PRz
RT15 Unconventional technologies of joining elements of aeronautical constructions.
  • Prof. Tomasz Sadowski D.Sc - PL
  • Prof. Jarosław Sęp D.Sc - PRz

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