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Project aim

  • The strategic aim of the key project is focusing the research work in the field of aviation on the areas which improve or will improve the competitiveness of Polish economy and developing the KE.[1]

    [1] KE - Knowledge Economy

  • he aim of the project is consistent with the main objective of the Operational Programme - Innovative Economy as well as the objectives of submeasure 1.1.2.

Specific objectives

  • better implementation of R&D results obtained by Polish academic units in the industry sector;
  • increasing the supply of new and innovative solutions useful for the industry;
  • increasing the effectiveness of key projects for strategic implementation of companies' objectives;
  • integration of scientific and industrial community at national level as far as implementation of intelligent technology in aviation is concerned;
  • developing a group of new and innovative technological solutions giving Polish engineers a cutting edge in the above mentioned field;
  • generation of spin-offs supporting technology transfer;
  • introduction of international partners to European Research Area in the area of aeronautics with active participation in European research projects 7PR-KE;
  • increasing the number of patent applications and their implementations;
  • increasing the innovativeness of the aviation companies in Polish aerospace sector;
  • strengthening Polish competitive position on the global market as far as innovative solutions are concerned;
  • developing the scientific and technical level of human resources; project contractors will obtain professional and academic titles/degrees - Masters, PhDs, postdoctorals.

Financial support of Structural Funds in the Operational Programme - Innovative Economy (IE OP) financed from the European Regional Development Fund

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